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25 years of experience

A team of experienced professionals

Available throughout Bulgaria

Note: These are only to serve as examples. We can handle any machinery, regardless of the model and build. For specific questions, simply include the make and model of the unit in your enquiry.

We have been into electrical engineering our entire lives. By now, it has become more than just a hobby or a profession; it has become a way of life. Throughout all these years we have customized, repaired and maintained everything at a number of factories. From the security systems which malfunction during a heavy storm, plc configuration, to maintenance of the biological balance of a purification plant; we have done it all.

With age and experience, we’ve learned that we can do more with our time and this page is the result. Regardless of the project, we are capable of tackling even the most stubborn issues so don’t hesitate and contact us.

25 years of experience in fixing:

Process Control Systems
  • PLC control system S7-300s
  • ET200s
  • Profibus dp
  • Touch SCADA
Alfa Laval ThinkTop ASI Automation Valve
CIP station
Weighing controller ILERPES
Automatic controlls
  • Bactofuge Tetra Pak BB 818 HGV
  • ALFA-LAVAL separator 200b
Hammer Mill Vertica DFZK
Pellet Press Buhler DPGC
ILERGIR turntable stretch wrapper
Fischbein sewing system MTS
  • U-HD,UL-S 2800
  • Control LBC
  • WSM Water service module
  • WTM Water treatment module
  • LSC Plant management system
Roller mill horizontal
Linear filler
Bagging scale MWBW

A solution for each industry

  • Food, Dairy and Beverage
  • Machinery and Manufacturing
  • Constraction and Mining
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Recycling